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Dog Mom Mysteries Series

Coming Soon: Book One, "Aye, Chihuahua!"

Short Stories

Mystery Anthologies

Crime Scene: New Jersey (anthology; Elaine Togneri, editor)
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: October 1, 2004 by Clued In Press
Category: Mystery
Tales of mystery and suspense set in and around New Jersey tourist attractions. My stories include "Deadly Deception", set in Belmar at the annual Seafood Festival, and "Cape May Caper", set in Cape May. In "Deadly Deception", a woman confesses to her best friend that her husband is having an affair. She considers killing him by obtaining some poisonous fish meat at the festival, then thinks better of it. But who exactly is he cheating on? Will his affairs catch up with him? In "Cape May Caper", a mystery writer solves a crime with the help of her pet poodles.

Fedora III (anthology; Michael Bracken, editor)
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: December 16, 2005 by Betancourt & Co.
My story, "Killer Legs", showcases the sleuthing skills of Ivy Parton, a lady PI who investigates the possible murder of an Atlantic City high roller.

Small Crimes (anthology; Michael Bracken, editor)
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: February 16, 2006 by Betancourt & Co.
My story, "Pleasant Drive", like the other stories in the collection, starts out innocently enough. But soon, a small crime turns into something unexpected—murder.

Never Safe (anthology; Karen Kavanagh, editor)
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: August 1, 2006 by Seven Sisters Press
Category: Mystery and Suspense
Danger is everywhere—on the streets, at work, in our homes and at play. Death may follow us where we least expect it. We long for the good old days. But were they any safer? No. Seeking comfort and safety in a lover's embrace might prove fatal. Paranoid thoughts? Hardly. My story, "Secret Passions."

Gone Coastal (anthology; Karen Kavanagh, editor)
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: October 16, 2006 by Seven Sisters Publishing
My story, "You Bet Your Life", takes place at a casino where a married couple vacation to try to save their marriage. But a wife's secret gambling problem endangers their lives.

Murder New York Style (anthology; Randy Kandel, editor)
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: October 16, 2007 by L & L Dreamspell
My story, "The Knock-Off", finds two women in possession of a knock-off Kate Spade bag and a stolen Westminster show dog, with Chinese hit men in pursuit.

PMS--Poison, Murder, Satisfaction Anthology
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: May 1, 2009 by L & L Dreamspell
"Grounds For Divorce" centers around a housewife who sees life as greener on the single side of the fence. If she could only be rid of her husband of 25 years, maybe she'd have more fun. Does the answer lie in a morning cup of coffee? "Brew's Clues" takes place at the annual Sudz Beer Festival in California. Is a witch brewing up more than a winning recipe in her entry?

Coming Soon: Fish or Cut Bait

Romance Anthologies

Romance of My Dreams Anthology
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: July 24, 2009 by L & L Dreamspell
"Game, Set, Love Match" departs from my usual mystery stories. Tennis fans will enjoy the US Open setting in Flushing Meadows, New York.

Romance Recipes for the Soul (anthology; Anne Walradt, editor)
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: July 1999 by Pisces Press
Category: Romance/Self-Help
My story, "Surprise Scavenger Hunt", like the rest of the stories in the book, gives the reader different ideas of how to turn boring dinner-and-a-movie plans into creative, romantic dates to remember.


Writers on the Water's Edge
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: 2002 by Tri-Muse
"Only a Matter of Time" is a paranormal romance that starts in Princeton, New Jersey, and involves time travel back to 1865 Colorado and the Old West. The book is filled with everything from articles, poems, song lyrics, stories, recipes, and more. All of the authors are from Asbury Park, Ocean Grove, Bradley Beach, and Avon-by-the-Sea.


For Chocolate Lovers
Author: Chelle Martin
Published: 2004 by Sunset Press
"Confessions of a Chocoholic" is the only poem I ever tried to have published. The book consists of recipes and poetry.

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