Lady walking chihuahua

Chelle Martin

Dog Mom Mysteries

"Just Begging to Be Read"


Dog Mom Mysteries Series

Book cover for "Aye, Chihuahua" coming soon

Coming Soon: Book One, "Aye, Chihuahua!"

Short Stories

Mystery Anthologies

Book cover of "Crime Scene: New Jersey"

Crime Scene: New Jersey

Book cover of "Fedora III"

Fedora III

Book cover of "Small Crimes"

Small Crimes

Book cover of "Never Safe"

Never Safe

Book cover of "Gone Coastal"

Gone Coastal

Book cover of "Murder New York Style"

Murder New York Style

Book cover of "PMS Poison Murder Satisfaction"

PMS--Poison, Murder, Satisfaction

Coming Soon

Coming Soon: Fish or Cut Bait

Romance Anthologies

Book cover of "Romance of My Dreams"

Romance of My Dreams

Book cover of "Romance Recipes for the Soul"

Romance Recipes for the Soul


Book cover of "Writers on the Water's Edge"

Writers on the Water's Edge


Book cover of "For Chocolate Lovers"

For Chocolate Lovers


Collage of U.S.1 covers that feature Chelle Martin

U.S.1 Summer Fiction

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