Lady walking chihuahua

Chelle Martin

Dog Mom Mysteries

"Just Begging to Be Read"


"Hilarious-clever-whimsical without tipping over into being cute or precious. Great pace, very nice twists. Huge work goes into making something appear so light and efortless. Wonderful idea brilliantly realized." — Louise Penny, Award-Winning Author and Contest Judge for NOWW

If you've ever owned a dog, congratulations! Being a pet parent is not an easy job. From the new puppy who cries all night to the old dog who walks with a limp, not to mention the fur that covers everything—the furniture, your clothes, your car, and your guests—your life is entirely different once those four paws set foot in your home.


The Dog Mom Mysteries series was inspired by my two Chihuahuas—Sassy, a short-haired female, and Rex, a long-haired male. My fur kids are the loves of my life. I hope you have as much fun reading the series and my short stories as I had writing them.

"Wag more, bark less" — Chelle

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